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Superintendent Office

School Committee Approved: 9/12/17

2017-2018 District Goals and Improvement Plan

  1. Support instruction that meets the needs of individual learners across all classrooms and grade levels by providing training and reviewing/revising practices and structures.

  • Increase the use of flexible grouping practices across content areas and grade levels.
  • Continue to support co-teaching as a service delivery model.
  • Analyze and adjust homework and grading practices to support deep and authentic learning.
  • Review and expand technology as a tool for teaching and learning, especially through Bring-your-own-device (BYOD).
  • Increase teacher training in and use of performance-based assessments.
  1. Support high levels of academic achievement through continuous improvement of teaching and learning, with the following curriculum focus areas

  • English/Language Arts and Literacy
  • Health, Wellness, Guidance
  • Science/Technology
  • Mathematics
  • World Languages
  1. Strategic Visioning: Ensure that programs, practices, and resources are aligned with the community’s values and vision for the district through a comprehensive review and planning process that includes all stakeholders. Foster learning environments that recognize, encourage, and value students’ diverse interests, talents, and skills and enable all students to excel and achieve their potential.

  1. Support program improvement and innovation by assessing  areas for educational innovation, including:

    • World Language Expansion (start at grade 6 and add non-western language in 2018-19)
    • Innovative school schedules and course offerings
    • School Start Time Review and recommendation for implementation in 2018-2019.
  1. Implement building renovation/addition projects as outlined in updated Master Plan.

  1. Expand purposeful efforts to ensure that school cultures and climates are supportive, inclusive,  and welcoming for all students and families of any race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability by:

    • Increasing district efforts to attract/retain more diverse staff members
    • Providing training for staff members in culturally proficient practices
    • Reviewing instructional materials to ensure that they are drawn from a variety of global cultures and points of view.