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School Committee

July 2017 – WPS Facilities Master Plan Update

“To provide all students with an outstanding education in a nurturing yet challenging environment that fosters academic achievement, healthy social and emotional development, enthusiasm for education, and a life-long love for learning.” 
                                Mission Statement – Winchester Public Schools

In support of our mission, the Winchester Public Schools re-evaluates and renews its School Facilities Master Plan each decade.  In April of 2016 the Town contracted with Flansburgh Architects to engage the district and community members in an update of the 2007 Facilities Master Plan.  After a lengthy and comprehensive process, the School Committee voted in July 2017 to approve a new Master Plan that identifies Winchester's 5-year and 10-year projected enrollment growth, facility needs, and opportunities.  

This 2017 WPS Facilities Master Plan is a vision for the support, expansion, consolidation, or transformation of district facilities that provides flexibility to accommodate changes in enrollment, educational goals, and programming. It is meant to be a guiding document from which our major governing bodies (including Board of Selectmen, School Committee, EFPBC, Finance Committee, Capital Planning Committee and Planning Board) can make recommendations to our entire community for strategic future school improvements and expansion projects.

 We are grateful for the many months of listening, learning, investigation, and creative recommendations by Flansburgh Architects, along with the time and thoughtful input of Town Meeting members, WPS teachers and administrators, senior Town staff, representatives from various boards and committees, and Winchester residents.  This 15-month process reaffirmed Winchester's pride in our schools and support for 21st century education that fosters independent, life-long learning.

 Our school buildings are a significant part of our architectural and cultural fabric; multi-generational investments where great work happens every day.  The 2017 WPS Facilities Master Plan sustains this tradition with clear, thoughtful, but necessary options that will support our high-achieving and ever-growing school district.

Judith Evans, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools
Richard Howard, Town Manager
Winchester School Committee     
       Susan Verdicchio, Chair
       Christian Nixon, Vice Chair
       Michelle Bergstrom
       Cindy Bohne
       Chris Linskey


To provide all students with an outstanding education in a nurturing yet challenging environment that fosters
academic achievement, healthy social and emotional development, enthusiasm for education, and a life-long love for learning.


Regular meetings of the Winchester School Committee are usually scheduled for 7:00 PM on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month from September through June at the Parkhurst School, Conference Room, 40 Samoset Road, Winchester.

The Committee meetings are usually carried live on WinCAM and rebroadcast on the local cable channel - Comcast 22/Verizon 36. Prior meetings are also streamed on WinCAM under Municipal Meetings.

The Winchester School Committee consists of five members elected for three-year terms, so arranged that as nearly an equal number of terms as possible expire each year. The Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and Financial Officer, sit at the meeting table but are not members of the committee and do not participate in votes. The minutes of the Committee are taken by the Committee Secretary who also sits at the table.

The Committee has the powers and duties as given to it by the Constitution and General Laws of the Commonwealth and such additional powers as authorized by Home Rule Charter and other Town Meeting votes. The School Committee duties include:

1. Establish goals and policies for the Winchester School System relating to education and insuring that the policies are implemented by the Administration.

2. Appoint the Superintendent of the Winchester Public Schools.

3. Make all reasonable rules and regulations, consistent with law, for the administration and management of the Winchester Public Schools.

4. Responsible for review and approval of the Winchester school system annual budget.

5. Responsible for negotiating all contracts with the Winchester Educational Association (WEA).


Ms. Susan Verdicchio
Term:  2016-2019
28 Kenwin Road
H:  781-721-0441

Ms. Cindy Bohne
Term: 2015-2018
6 Berkshire Drive
H: 781-721-0879

Mr. Chris Linskey
Term: 2015-2018
5 Manchester Road
H: 781-729-4141

Mr. Christian Nixon
Term: 2016-2019
130 Forest Street
H: 781-729-4193

Ms. Michelle Bergstrom
Term:  2017-2020
24 Central Street
H:  781-729-2065