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Strategic Visioning


Winchester Public Schools Setting a Course
In the spirit of New Year’s Eve and planning for the future, Winchester Public Schools invite the community to help us shape our priorities for the next five to seven years.  

 The Strategic Visioning Initiative was launched early last year to envision the future for our students, schools and community, and to embrace the practices that will enable us to realize that vision.  Through a series of conversations with all stakeholders, we crafted three beacons to guide our future policy, program, budget and personnel decision making.

These beacons are intended to highlight our community’s expectations and aspirations for our students, staff and schools.  Moving forward, success will be measured by the extent to which we all balance, collaborate, and personalize.

 Healthy Balance and Wellness
Just as Winchester has excelled at providing our PreK-12 students with an exceptional academic program, we seek now to intensify our focus on the social-emotional wellness of our youngest residents.  One of every five students reports suffering from anxiety or depression.  In order to inspire joyful, confident and autonomous students and staff, WPS will prioritize investments that improve their social-emotional and physical wellness and their capacity to make healthy decisions.

Communities of Collaboration
When asked for the most important characteristic all Winchester students should present as learners and citizens upon graduation, all stakeholder groups reported “Kindness” most frequently. WPS will measure its success by how well we create inclusive and collaborative communities that value ethical and kind behavior. Ambition does not necessarily have to be competitive.  Rather, when our students and staff seek first to build relationships and are encouraged to fully engage in service to others, we value collaborative, creative problem solving.  

 Individual Pathways for Success
Research demonstrates that when instruction and programming is personalized and adapted to the learning styles and needs of individuals, all students perform better on all metrics of meaningful academic and social-emotional growth.  Winchester students are remarkably talented and diverse and should have meaningful opportunities to pursue their passions and unlock their individual potential.  Over the next five years, our schools will support exploration, innovation and independent thinking and foster diverse pathways to success.

 Help Set the Course for our Schools – January 11th

 Winchester schools are one of our greatest community assets.  All stakeholders are invited to partake in a final discussion to set these drafted priorities at 7pm on January 11th at the Winchester High School Auditorium.  During this 2-hour facilitated presentation and workshop, participants will be asked to weigh in and help set the course for the next five years.

 Over the past year, secondary students and staff were asked to provide insights of what they wish Winchester knew about their peers.  We encourage you to review these responses, an overview of the Strategic Visioning Initiative, and our draft vision beacons on the WPS website: http://www.winchesterps.org/strategic_visioning/.   If you cannot join us on January 11th, comments can also be shared by emailing us at: strategicvision@winchesterps.org.


Introduction to Strategic Visioning
The Winchester Public School system is engaging in a conversation about how we may redefine what success looks like for our students, teachers, and schools. How do we measure success?  What are we doing well? How can we build on and lift those successes to continually evolve and adapt to a changing world? 

Through a series of conversations with all stakeholders (students, staff, administrators, community members), we will begin to craft a vision for where we are heading.

Vision Statement:

WPS Draft Beacons-1